Connor passed away last night. He was living in London. He had Dravet Syndrome.

We are families fighting against a terrible enemy. Battles are hard and we feel like David fighting against Goliath. Most of the days we are able to survive to these battles (not without big injuries) but some days one of our brave soldiers die. And all of us die a little bit.

Today we just can sorry the lost and hug this family who lost his warrior.

We’ll keep fighting, having our dead soldiers in our thoughts.


Connor ha fallecido esta noche. Vivía en Londres. Tenía Síndrome de Dravet.

Somos familias luchando contra un enemigo terrible. Las batallas son difíciles y a veces nos sentimos como un David intentado derrotar a un Goliat. Casi siempre solemos sobrevivir a estas batallas (no sin grandes heridas) pero algunas veces uno de nuestros soldados cae. Y todos morimos un poco.

Hoy sólo podemos acompañar a esta familia que ha perdido a su guerrero con un fuerte abrazo.

Seguiremos luchando, pensando en nuestros soldados que han caído.


4 responses »

  1. Deborah Knight! says:

    God Bless and Keep you Connor!!!

  2. Michelle says:

    My heart goes out to the family of this young man. I am praying for you & for the healing of you & i am very sorry for your loss. Its hard when you loose your child or family member & friend to an illness. may god lift you up in his arms & hold you tight. my prayers are you as you start the healing process soon.. its not enough words to replace a child that you have lost to an illness. my heart goes out to you. love always michelle.

  3. Anonymous says:

    He must of been so brave good night and god bless Connor

  4. Jordi says:

    Hola! Quería contactar con vosotros

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